Employee Spotlight on Clara Gil!

Tell Us a Little About Yourself, Clara!

I am a 30-year-old Venezuelan mom. You probably heard about my country on the news, and YES, life here is hard. But despite all the horrible things happening, I firmly believe that things will improve soon. We will have a new government and we will start living in peace!

My son and I live in Caracas, where we spend most weekends enjoying hot days at the beach or having fun with friends and family.


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I studied Social Communications in Caracas and about 3 years ago a friend introduced me to HubSpot. Since then I’ve become a HUGE HubSpot fan, I’ve been taking all the courses and certifications they have, especially those related to Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.

Two and half years back I found a job offer on Facebook from Derek. He was hiring a community manager for his new marketing agency and since then we have been worked on a lot of clients and campaigns that extend community management.


What Do You Like About Working With Simple Selling?

A bunch of things! But just to name three, I really enjoy being able to understand and participate in key agency decisions; most agencies keep employees out of important things such as planning and strategy for themselves but not here.

I like the way we work, we have systems and processes for everything, weekly meetings set, Trello boards, HubSpot calendars, so everyone knows what the other one is working on, when it’s due and how it’s going.

Lastly, I love that we’ve become great friends! There's just a few of us and we're in different countries. Despite being miles apart and from different countries, we have a lot in common and this has made work more enjoyable for me.


What Characteristics Do You Think We Should Have for incoming Simple Selling associates?

A new member of the Simple Selling team must be bilingual, HubSpot passionate, capable of understanding the importance of cyber security, responsible with their work and due dates.

Also, they must know how to work as a team, be reliable and ready to roll up their sleeves!


What is One Thing You Want to Learn, or Improve, in 2019?

I want to fully dominate Google Ads. Set up, targeting and optimizing.


What is Your Favorite Netflix Show Right Now?

Tricky question! Right now my heart is divided. I have a thing for Spanish shows, especially Velvet, which is about a love story that can’t be. On the other hand I’m deep into House of Cards, Designated Survivor and I’m starting Quantico. Any recommendation on what should I watch next?!


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