Our Pricing

MSP Outbound Prospecting

BDRs-as-a-Service for MSPs
$4,300 - $9,200 base fee per month
MSP-Specific outbound
  • Recruiting, Onboarding, Coaching and Competition for your assigned BDR(SDR)
  • Generating from 2 - 6 First-Time Appointments (FTAs)  per month depending on scope
  • Turn key process: differentiation strategy, techstack config, list building, cold-calling, cold emails, LinkedIn activities, Snail Mail


Tom McDonald (3)
Tom McDonald


Simple Selling gets it. They work hard, ask the right questions and apply what they learn to help me grow my MSP business. We have closed new business as a result of working with Simple Selling!

Why Choose Simple Selling?

The Packages Include

  • 5 years of MSP-ONLY focus
  • Entry-level SDR cost for Experienced SDR level results
  • Our focus on MSPs creates better results, alignment and efficiencies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start getting appointments?
We like to help our clients earn revenue quickly. For the MSP's existing clients, in some cases we can help with upselling quickly. And for cold prospects, it can take from 2-3 months from the start date to start seeing appointments on the calendar.
Is there a guarantee?

Can an MSP guarantee 100% protection from hackers to clients? No, no one can, and neither can a sales person or vendor make sales guarantees as it's not entirely in our control. However, we can guarantee a robust and proactive multi-layered approach to reduce risk and match your ICP. Not all MSPs are permitted to partner unless we are completely aligned.

How does commission work?
We earn commission for appointments realized and a % of MRR (or Projects) closed
Does pricing include everything?

Yes, our proposals include what we believe your total expense would be, including our services plus the cost for technology and data providers.