Our Pricing

Outbound Appointment-Setting

Managed Business Development Reps getting you first-time appointments (FTAs).
Ranging from $2,940 - $10,200 per month
Multi-channel outbound
  • Recruiting, Onboarding, On-going training, Power Hours and more for your assigned BDRs
  • Generating from 2 - 6 First-Time Appointments (FTAs)  per month depending on scope
  • Includes differentiation strategy, techstack, list building, cold-calling, cold emails, LinkedIn activities, Snail Mail
  • Optional Marketing integrations
Tom McDonald (3)
Tom McDonald


Simple Selling gets it. They work hard, ask the right questions and apply what they learn to help me grow my MSP business. We have closed new business as a result of working with Simple Selling!

Why Choose Simple Selling?

The Packages Include

  • No long-term contract required
  • We share the risk by including a fair base fee plus commission
  • Our focus on MSPs creates better results, alignment and efficiencies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start getting appointments?
About 3 months for the BDR to start getting their groove. She can get appointments in the first month, but we don't see considerable gains until month 3. This is when confidence goes up, process is understood better and results come.
Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we do. Two major success factors are activity levels by the BDR and continuous improvement. Our guarantee is that we will hit above certain activity levels and show evidence of continuously improving in quality.

How does commission work?
Yes, for appointments realized and for appointments that convert into opportunities.
Does pricing include everything?

Pricing is customized and range from $2,940 - $10,200 for the base monthly fee. Additional fees would be the BDR commission.