Our Pricing

It's all about ROI. We aim to get you at least 8 new MRR contracts a year and you know the lifetime value of a client is high. It takes a team to make the dream come true.


Growth Package

An all-in-one solution that will generate you anywhere from 8 to 15 new MRR contracts in the first year.
$3,999/mo. + Commission for new MRR contracts
Sales Development Representative

Monthly Goal - Generating avg. of 4 qualified appointments per month. 

  • Daily prospecting
  • Cold-calling, emailing, social selling in CRM
  • Scheduling and running qualifying meetings in CRM 
  • Responding to incoming calls, chats or emails in CRM
Marketing department
Monthly Goal - Increasing qualified traffic and inbound leads each quarter.

  • Blogs - 4 per month
  • Target Campaign - 1 per quarter
  • Emails - 4 per month
  • Keyword Targeting and Tracking
  • Social media posts - daily posts on business days
  • Direct mail to target contacts ($500/mo.)
  • Monitoring Google and Facebook Business Reviews - daily
Tom McDonald (3)
Tom McDonald


Simple Selling gets it. They work hard, ask the right questions and apply what they learn to help me grow my MSP business. I'm confident we will close more business in 2019 as a result of working with Simple Selling!


The Package Includes

  • An assigned marketer & sales representative
  • All web graphic design, website management
  • Campaign reporting, metrics to track progress
  • Full HubSpot setup

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get up and running?
There are several phases of onboarding: technical setup on HubSpot, understanding your business, marketing infrastructure and sales infrastructure. All together it takes about 2 months to get everything at 100%. It's faster the more of the marketing and sales infrastructure you have ready.
Does the monthly fee include advertising?
Yes! It includes direct mail like letters and postcards sent to decision makers with tailored messages and promotions. Other digital advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads or Facebook ads, require additional budget and we do recommend it for faster results.
How much is commission?
For each new MRR contract signed that we sourced and/or influenced, we get a 3% ACV commission. For example, if a new contract has an ACV of $48K, the commission would be $1,440
Do I need HubSpot?
Yes. It's an incredible product. Very flexible.  Integrates with PSA's. Enables us to to track every campaign, every call, every interaction with a contact or deal in the CRM. One place for everything. We need it do our work properly. We can get you a discount.