90-Day SDR Onboarding for MSPs [Webinar]

Unfortunately, some MSPs that implement outbound sales end up demoralized with the results.

Some are quick to point the finger.

"The salesperson was lazy!" or "The SDR didn't understand our business!"

However, in our experience, an often overlooked culprit is bad onboarding for the Sales Development Representative (SDR). 

Yep, it might have been ugly from the start and yep, SDRs may not be the ones to blame.

Unsurprisingly, bad onboarding can completely derail a high potential outbound process. Outbound is run by people after all and failing to prepare the person will risk everything going sideways.

So, what do you say we stop that. Let's leave bad onboarding behind!

✅ Let's start by diving into an MSP Prospecting Framework
✅ We'll talk about 3 common mistakes made during onboarding
✅ Let's see how to put our SDRs in a position to succeed

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