3 Actionable Tips to Differentiate Your MSP with Cyber Security


You've always included some level of cyber protection for clients and your competition has for theirs.

But man, it seems like every week another headline about a breach comes out and an MSP is left biting the dust! This doesn't scare you, though, because you're determined to be prepared, and better yet, to grow your MSP business on cyber security!

Smart move! But, okay, so how exactly are you going to do that?

In this first post of our stand-out strategies series, we'll give MSPs who are going "all in" on cyber security three tips to help them be successful.

Tip 1: Make Sure You Can Deliver Advanced Cyber Security

There is a famous saying in Spanish that goes “Hijo de zapatero va siempre descalzo,” which translates to “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.”

You know where I’m going with this, right?

If you are going to differentiate your MSP by claiming to be an expert on cyber security, then you better make damn sure you are ready to deliver on that promise!

One way is to become an MSSP, but if you’re reading this, you probably want a short-cut and to not have to shell out over $100K just to hire and retain a cyber security expert in-house. 

I like short-cuts, too! Here's one that my client, NSI, is pursuing because it doesn't break the bank and it gets to client acquisition faster.

They formed two key partnerships. One is with a well-known security vendor, Continuum, and the other is with an experienced cyber security professional, Caleb Christopher from InfoSec.

Each partners offers a different piece of  security puzzle that NSI didn't have before. Continuum has the advanced security technologies that clients need on an on-going basis, whereas Caleb has the expertise to do in-depth analysis like vulnerability assessments and more. 

Tip #2: Give Cyber Security the Real Estate it Deserves

First impressions matter and so make sure cyber security is all over your website. For starters, anyone who comes to your website will most likely see your home page, and so try to put cyber security there so that it can't be missed.

NSI cyber security services 1

What else?

Add a new cyber security services page to your existing site so that you can rank locally for "cyber security services [your city]" And, on your blog, include security tips that you can cross-promote on social media.

Also, for local SEO, make sure to optimize your Google Business page with keywords like cyber security and more!


NSI Google Business 1


Remember, potential clients do plenty of online research before talking to a person, so don’t give them any doubt about your commitment to cyber security.


Tip #3: Come Up With an Unbeatable Security Offer

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your local competitors. Do they have something special to offer for cyber security?

Then focus on developing something a little bit better than them. 

Whatever that “better offer” is, put it on your website, pitch it on the phones, email it, etc.

It’s not rocket science, here, ladies and gentlemen, it just takes time and effort to put all these pieces together. If you need help, then call us and we’ll gladly implement all of this for you.

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