Hiring an Outbound Sales Provider for your MSP

MSPs face a heavy decision as they embark on selecting a provider to manage and execute effective outbound and demand generation marketing.

Use this checklist to ensure you evaluate the business development providers you’re vetting on at least 10 critical factors. 

On the last page, we provide a template to compare multiple providers using this criteria.


10 Evaluation Criteria for Providers


Bringing Value during Outbound
Provider understands that outbound is the first spark in a long-term relationship between your MSP and prospects. Therefore, it’s important to bring value to the first interaction, not commission breath, in order to stand out.

Prepared for Different Decision Makers
Provider understands there are decision committees made up of executives, business owners, and sometimes IT Managers. Each persona has a different priority and expectation from an MSP. Therefore, the provider is prepared to handle conversations with these different personas.

Proven Results & References
Provider has demonstrated experience and achieved results in driving qualified pipeline and enabling new MRR agreements. Strong record of implementation and client service. Review the provider’s public reviews and ask to speak to references for candid information on the provider.

Results-Focused with Measurement
Provider asks appropriate questions about the results you’re looking to achieve and pipeline metrics you’re looking to drive. Solutions are tailored to drive those metrics with KPI measurement built into the process.

Healthy Work Culture
Provider understands that a high volume of human effort from BDRs and Coaching is required to get results. Therefore, a considerable effort is put towards building a culture that enables BDRs to be the best version of themselves; one that fosters mutual respect, healthy competition, structure and discipline, and that is a safe place for BDRs to continuously improve.

Flexible Contract
Provider does not require long-term contracts to bind MSP. Instead, they treat the partnership with a continuous sense of urgency and strive to continuously improve and set reasonable expectations.

Ambitious People
Provider attracts people who are ambitious and want to be in business development and marketing for MSPs. The team is excited and see the MSP industry as a unique one to be a part of.

List Building and Intelligence Gathering
Provider will build a fresh list of leads that meets ideal client profile requirements and information gathered during cold outreach will remain in control of the MSP.

MSP Sales Benchmarking
Provider’s specialization on MSPs enables them to bring comparative metrics in business development, marketing and sales results.

Flexibility of Service Offerings
Provider offers services in the specific and focused areas that MSPs need in business development and marketing. Can quickly customize the solution to fill gaps and integrate into the MSPs process and not the other way around.


Download the Evaluation Checklist


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Download the evaluation criteria from here.

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