How to Generate Appts with a Sales Navigator (part 1)

A quick thank you for anyone who registered and/or attended today's webinar.

The recording will be added here soon.

Below are the cliff notes of the presentation for "Building the Room"


Building the inner circle with your clients and partners

  1. Export your clients from your CRM/PSA tool with (company name, domain, first, last name and add saved account, saves leads, boosted content and sent connection request as additional columns
  2. In Navigator, make a leads and accounts list called "Clients"
    option to do the same thing for "Partners"
  3. One at a time, "Save" the Client Accounts and POCs to the respective Account and Leads lists and update your CSV to keep track of your progress
  4. Every time you come to LinkedIn Navigator, scan "Alerts" to see update from your clients and partners and then hit "view" and then like or comment there
  5. Try this for a few posts per client
  6. Send a "Connection request" to each client one at a time to ensure they are 1st degree connections

Building the secondary-circle with your ideal prospects

  1. Use advanced filtering to isolate accounts and leads by geography, verticals, headcount and maybe even 2nd degree connections
  2. Check the list for "Started a new job in the past 90 days"
    1. Come up with a low-friction offer, like a template or workshop, that can be a good starting point
  3. Look for "mutual connections" with existing clients and ask them to introduce you to them





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