How to use ChatGPT for MSP Outbound Prospecting

What an exciting time to be in business development for MSPs! The advent of ChatGPT has quickly improved our process. It’s given us back some time while providing us with good quality sales enablement copy that’s already getting marginal results. And in outbound, any margin of victory that is scalable is worth talking about.

At Simple Selling, we’ve been experimenting with this new AI tool and in this blog I’ll share just a few simple use-cases that a BDR or MSP Sales Manager can implement right away.


Vertical-Specific Cold E-mail Creation

Most BDRs should be emailing a few hundred cold leads each week. Sometimes you may be reaching a firm administrator for a law firm, then you’re looking at the CEO of a scaling start-up and suddenly you’re switching to the CFO of an engineering firm. And so, with different personas and different industries in your pipeline, the messaging should vary to peak interest.

And while it used to take a couple of hours to personalize these emails for these different targets and verticals, now with ChatGPT, it takes just a few minutes.

When ChatGPT is prompted properly, it’s super powerful! Below is a clever example by Gabi Sayah.


As we can see from the example above, being direct in prompts is key. We must  describe the email's goal, the desired word count, tone of voice or creative angle, and ChatGPT can make something decent.

Are we saying we should copy and paste what ChatGPT spits out - NO.

Instead, use its content to get your email 80% of the way, and then you edit and fine tune to finish it to your liking.


Line of Business Applications Coaching

Let’s say an MSP has plenty of customers in financials services but nothing yet in manufacturing. If they want to break into manufacturing with outbound, it can be hard to sound at least somewhat familiarized with manufacturing technology. When there aren’t customer stories or vertical-specific coaching, it’s far easier to approach leads with a generic business or cybersecurity questions.

However, thanks to ChatGPT, MSP executives no longer need to approach a vertical blind. ChatGPT can educate us quickly on line of business applications, technology challenges, and even how different personas within organizations interact with applications.

For example:

Above is a smart progression of prompts suggested by Jake Dunlap.

Look, if you're hesitant about ChatGPT, I understand. I was too fat first. But we gotta give it a few minutes to warm up to the idea. AI is not perfect, but trust me, if we use it the right way, we can get better faster.

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