MSP Marketing Myth "Content Marketing doesn't work"



00:00 Hey, this is Derek from Simple Selling, Sales and Marketing agency for MSPs. Today's MSP marketing myth, second one of this series, is about content marketing not working.

00:17 I didn't say at the beginning, I'm making this video from right next to my house, beautiful morning. I figured I could make it before the boys wake up. Hopefully, when I get back to the house, they're still asleep.

00:26 But anyway, the myth is that content marketing doesn't work. Here's the thing. It won't work if you do it incorrectly.

00:36 Take the example of a marathon. If I'm training for a marathon and I train for three weeks, four weeks, running consistently for a month, I can't expect I'm going to be ready to run 26 miles. Content marketing is a long-term strategy. It doesn't work over a month, two months, sometimes it even takes three months for you to start seeing traction. So yeah, content marketing doesn't work if you do it incorrectly.

01:04 Here's the thing, some of you may have done content marketing for a long time, and you're still not seeing results. What may be happening, at least what I've seen with many blogs, MSP blogs, is that one common mistake is that you are copying blogs from another source. So when you copy a blog from another source, that original source, the one that published it the first time, they're the ones that Google is going to index, and that's going to come up higher on search. So by you copying it and adding it to your website, is not going to give you any SEO or benefits. So that's one of the common things I see.

01:45 And the other is, and this is really important, is that you really need to understand who your buyer is and what the purpose of the particular blog article is. If you've read an article that's kind of general, like I see a lot of articles that are kind of speaking to a small business as opposed to maybe one that's maybe 10 or 50, this business has 10 or 50 people that may have just moved into a city that may need help with opening a new location. You can speak to a really specific small business and you can speak to a really specific situation that they may be in, because that's a compelling moment for them to look for IT resources.

02:29 So try to think in those terms a little bit, and your content marketing will start working better for you. All right? Have a good one, guys.

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