MSP Marketing Myth "Don't Outsource Sales"


So today's myth is about the idea that sales cannot be outsourced, that sales needs to be maintained in-house.

A lot of business owners believe this because they fear that someone representing their company just won't be as good at the job as them.

And I think there's some confusion or generalization when you say like "sales," right? Because in sales, there's a lot of different steps in the sales process.

So I would say first, I don't agree with this mentality, mainly because if at the end of the day you're hiring a person to do a particular job which is to prospect, which is to do outreach, which is to do marketing, which is to get in touch with ideal clients, that person can do the job effectively as long as they are:

  • Specialized in your industry.
  • They understand your business.
  • There's the right incentives in place.

So long as you have those things taken care of, I think you can easily outsource.

When you're looking to outsource also think about where the hand off is going to be, right?

Because maybe you as the CEO, or Sales Director, you are really good at closing. And if you were to outsource that beginning portion of the sales process, now that would be fantastic!

Don't believe the myth that the only way to get quality appointments is to hire someone internally! You can hire a specialist, or a specialized company like us to help you do that.

So that's it, thanks again, and please remember to like, share, these videos. I think we'll maybe do one more myth before we move on to our next series.

Oh, the next series, I might as well mention is MSP Growth Talks. We'll be interviewing business owners, some MSP folks, of course, but also just other experts who have, in business or nonprofits or what have you, they have grown their organization through sales and marketing. So, I think we as MSPs, we could learn a lot from experts outside of our industry as well, so stay tuned for that, all right, thanks.

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