MSP Marketing Myth "Don't Share Pricing"



Hey, guys. Derek Marin here again, from Simple Selling. This is the third episode of MSP Marketing Myths.

Okay. Today's MSP Marketing Myth is that pricing should not be made public. In other words, you shouldn't put pricing on your website.

A lot of business owners are scared to put prices up because they assume that people are going to see the prices and they're just going to leave, they're just going to bounce from the website and never come back. That may have been the case, that may have been a legitimate argument years ago, but at this point, think about it, whenever you want to buy anything, when you made a decision in your mind that you're going to buy something one of the last things you're looking for, in many cases, is pricing, right? So if you put your pricing and make it visible what you're going to do is attract more people to your website. You're going to have them spend more time, you're going to have them think more about why you may be the best solution for them.

At the same time, from a sales and marketing point of view, it's really good to know which of the leads in your CRM are the ones that are spending time on that particular pricing page, because that's going to enable the sales rep to say, "Okay, John Smith spent five minutes of pricing yesterday. He's been coming back to that page several times." All right? So it makes more sense for me, the sales rep, to follow up with John as opposed to maybe some of the other tasks that I need to take care of for the day or the other companies I need to reach out to.

Remember, the buyers are in control for the most part these days. In other words, buyers will sell themselves. By the time they connect with a company they probably have already made 80-90% of the decision. The more you can keep these buyers engaged and on your website, as opposed to your competitors websites, the better.

That's it for MSP Marketing Myths. Thanks. Be sure to, if you can, like, comment on the post. That way more MSPs can see that. I appreciate it. Bye.

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