MSP Marketing Myth "Sales is Marketing"



Hey, how's it going? Derek Marin here from Simple Selling. I'm going to be making a number of videos related to marketing myths that MSPs, unfortunately, have been given.

So today's marketing myth is about sales equaling marketing. You'd be surprised at how many MSPs I speak with who basically view them as the same.

Now, maybe you're listening to this and thinking, "Derek, they're definitely not the same thing." But here's what I've seen. We see MSPs who are hiring sales reps or they already have sales reps, and they're expecting the company to grow, based on having that person in charge of sales.

Sounds great on paper, but when I look at their website, there's no blogs coming out. There's no social media posts coming out on their social media accounts. There's no advertising being done on Google Search or on Facebook. And so at the end of the day, it's all boiling down to pure luck and the wit and charm of the sales rep, and them hopefully contacting a potential client at the right time, when the computer service break down or when a data breach has taken place.

And so it's not an effective, efficient way to use your marketing or sales dollars to put all into sales. So sales does not equal marketing. If you really want to grow your MSP, you need to give resources to both the sales rep but also to marketing. You need all those things I mentioned, so that when your ideal client is in the buying process, they're like, "Hey, who's that company that I keep seeing their posts on Facebook for?" Or "Who's that company that every time I'm on LinkedIn, I see their sales rep add a post?" Or "Who's that company that sends me tech tips in the mail?" All of that stuff, that's coming from marketing.

So help your sales rep. Help yourself. Invest in both, all right? That's your marketing myth of the day. All right, thanks. Bye!

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