MSPs Should Re-Think Strategy Before Cold-Calling



Before cold-calling anyone, an MSP ought to possess a differentiation backbone.

Unfortunately, many MSPs don't have an edge carved out yet. 

Thought leaders in the channel are describing what a competitive edge can look like for MSPs nowadays. These voices agree that the old ways of delivering value aren't cutting it any longer to the target audience: new customers. 

So how exactly should cold-calling for MSPs adapt?

We provide a simple strategic framework to help MSPs find their competitive edge in a noisy marketplace.

1. Learn what a large MSP has to say about why businesses are switching to them.

2. Discover the techniques and strategies of connecting IT services to customer needs and business value.

3. Uncover the biggest problem facing MSPs today according to a software vendor that serves hundreds of MSPs.

4. A story of strategic differentiation for a real company - Southwest.

5. A simple strategic framework to help MSPs prepare for cold-calling

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Chapter Summaries:

We're in the middle of a small series related to cold calling best practices. Today, we'll talk more about we'll provide a couple more thought leaders in the industry. And then I'll share a framework for you as an MSP, as what we believe you need to have ready in hand.

A white paper called Six Reasons to Switch MSPs outlines six reasons. The reasons include lack of vision and strategy, poor responsiveness and execution. This is something that our team looks at a lot when we're starting training and onboarding for our own BDRs. (Thank you, Logically)

The second outside perspective I wanted to share that we believe is related to this topic is one by Dave Sobel. He says it's really, really hard to define business value for MSPs. The better model is when It spend is focused on reducing costs or increasing revenue. That is a better place for an MSP to be for delivering business value. (Thank you, Dave Sobel)

MSPs should stop acting like retailers. As a true services provider, the MSP should be focused on services. The only way that an MSP can accomplish that is by building a stronger relationship with customers. (Thank you, Humanize IT)

The story of Southwest Airlines is very much aligned with what we're talking about for MSPs. Southwest began a small airline carrier in Texas to be a substitute for Greyhound bus travelers. They were able to deliver a low cost model as a result and now they're a big player.

The MSP Strategic Growth Framework is really just four questions. First, what is the vertical or what is the segment that you want to target? Second, how are you actually going to win? Third, what capabilities do you actually need to have in order to execute that? And fourth, what management systems need some tweaking for your MSP to do this.

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