Vertical Specialization Can Help MSPs Differentiate

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Before I decided to make partnering with MSPs my one and only focus, my agency struggled.

Generating traffic, leads and appointments was much harder.

In a world of a million marketing agencies, where everyone knows someone who does "blogging" or "SEO," it was difficult to get found and few seemed to care what I said or did.

But when I shifted to a single mission of serving the MSP vertical, everything got much better for us.

In this post I share a few tips on how to go about making a similar switch for your business.


Tip #1 Build a Testimonial

Capture a testimonial with one of your happy clients in that vertical. Yes, this is obvious and you shouldn't skip it.

Lots of us get hung up on testimonials because we don't know how to ask for it. Look. Don't overthink the ask. Call up your client and explain what you're trying to accomplish and ask for a few minutes of their time.

If you'd rather not be involved then get a third-party to interview them. It can be remotely done, like over Zoom or Skype, and just a few basic questions about what their challege was beforehand and how your work impacted them.

Use numbers, some figures, to associate with the impact that you've had. You can put that into a blog post or create a whole page for it.

If you can't record a video, don't worry! Just get the story on your website because potential clients will look at it.


nsi client testimonial


Tip #2 Have an Industry Page

It doesn't need to be a super complex, super fancy, but just have a place on your website where you talk about why your company loves working with a certain vertical.

Talk about some particular clients that you've had great success with, how onboarding or on-going services is uniquely tailored.

Proudly state your specialty and provide a bit of proof.


Tip #3 Guest Blog on Vertical Websites

For example, if you're targeting the healthcare vertical then find healthcare blogs in your area to pitch guest posts.

If you're successful, it will reap multiple benefit because you'll be seen as an authoritative figure in the industry, and it may even help with SEO if they allow a backlink to your website!


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