Outbound ROI Calculator for MSPs

An MSP Sales Director recently asked about the ROI of our outbound.

They already had an internal marketing dept. and so they were only interested in appointment-setting.

The answer is that ROI is very positive but how much depends on factors that are unique to each MSP.

For example, the pricing strategy, average retention duration, avg. project revenue, profit margins...

Wish I could have replied:

"Sure, we have an ROI calculator where you can plug in your figures to get a more accurate sense of profit."

Well, now we can say that.



Okay, so before you dive in. Please read through the assumptions below.

General MSP Business Assumptions

  1. Your MSP has a documented sales process with a proven track record of closing.
  2. In addition to outbound appointment-setting by a BDR, your MSP is continuously marketing directly to qualified leads with things like newsletter, LinkedIn and more.


If you opted for doing outbound in-house

  • A minimum of 20% of a manager's time, probably an MSP President or Account Executive's time, to manage a new Business Development Rep. properly. This time includes acquiring lead contact lists.
  • The BDR's overhead would be to the tune of 29.5% of the avg. cost per Full-time employee (FTE).
  • You would invest in a sales techstack, like HubSpot or Salesforce, or something similar to enable the BDR to maintain high levels of call activity, multi-channel outreach, and to include reporting you would need as manager to coach.
  • The BDR is assumed to be working full-time for your MSP.
Other sources for building the model include Salary.com, Glassdoor and The Bridge Group.


How to get a Copy of the Calculator


Since some of my competitors visit our site, I'm not putting the calculator up for anyone to download. Instaed, just email me from your MSP email address and add subject-line "send the ROI calculator" and I'll reply with a copy. This will be manual to start unless my inbox goes crazy so please bare with me.

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