Sales Navigator for the Win (again)

Recently, we've been having success booking meetings for MSPs using LinkedIn.

Here's the breakdown.

Step 1: Connect Strategically

Use Sales Navigator to connect with key prospects across your top accounts. Personally, I refrain from sending a note with the connect request unless there's a referral involved.

Don't have Sales Navigator? I can send you a free trial link so just ask me 


Step 2: Leverage Sales Navigator Insights

Use the Sales Navigator dashboard to comment on your prospects' posts and extract valuable prospecting information. It's a goldmine for understanding their preferences and challenges.


Step 3: Offer Value in Your Message

After being connected for 2-3 days, shoot them a message but lead with value. For example: "Hey [Prospect's Name], mind if I send over strategies CFOs are using to cut bloated IT spend? We've got data on what's driving more opportunities."


Step 4: Dive into Their Challenge

When they express interest, don't pitch. Instead, ask for specifics: "Any particular area you'd like more info on?" Their response often unveils their pain points, opening the door for meaningful conversations.


Step 5: Shine a Spotlight on Solutions

Now's your chance to shine. Share compelling insights like "Here's how [VERTICAL] firms are reducing wasteful spend by X%. [USE CASE COMPANY] achieved that in just 90 days."


Recap: What's the Magic?

  1. Constant Giving
  2. No Premature Pitches
  3. Focus on Their Needs
  4. Continuous Learning

Give this tailored approach a shot and see what happens.


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