TruMethods vs Simple Selling

I first heard about TruMethods from one of our MSP partners during our first month of working together.

The President repeated "technology alignment" in meetings and spoke at length about his role as "vCIO" for his clients. I don't recall the details of what he said (those are in my notes), but I remember how confident he made our team feel about his business.

However, it was after he closed several new clients in the first 90 days of working with us that I really took notice of this program, TruMethods.

In this blog I'll share my quick personal perspective on why TruMethods and Simple Selling shouldn't be perceived as an "us vs them" situation at all.


TruMethods is a Good Methodology

When I ask many MSP Presidents, "What sets you apart from other MSPs?"

They often say, "We make IT simple" or "Our years of experience" and unfortunately these don't help prospects grasp the full value an MSP. 

However, if your MSP goes through a program like TruMethods, your answer will describe your competitive advantages better and you'll close more deals.

I don't run an MSP and therefore I have not gone through the TruMethods program. But I have seen the results of it in our partners performance, and not just their higher close rate, but also in how they price and deliver their services systematically.

If your MSP is missing an managed services framework, a detailed methodology on how to standardize your services, then I strongly suggest you check them out before talking to any sales or marketing company.


Simple Selling is Good at Executing 

Selling is simple to understand but not so easy to do. Our team is not saying it's easy for us, it's not, we are human beings, too! But we are pretty good at it and we're getting better. It's because we have our own systems, people and tools in place to get the job done.

We love partnering with MSPs who are great vCIOs for their clients because it's a differentiation we enjoy talking to SMBs about on your behalf.  

Bottomline is that TruMethods and Simple Selling work very well together and we hope to partner with more TruMethods MSPs in the near future.

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