Alex Farling [Closer Interview Series]

Here in our second interview for the Closer Interview Series we talked to Alex Farling from Lifecycle Insights.

He was in sales before starting his MSP and he managed and operated it for 16.5 years. In our conversation he talked about how important it is for MSPs to define and follow a sales process.

My favorite quote:

"Sales isn't really that different from technical in that it should be a process. It should be a defined process. And, if you follow it, you should get better outcomes. It's true for working help desk tickets, it's true for high-level engineering projects and it's true for sales." 

-Alex Farling

The next interview will come next week, with Mark Woldman from Digital Maturity Group.




00:52 - Who is Alex Farling?

2:00 - What is Alex working on now?

3:10 - What were your early days in sales like?

5:00 - How did you handle first-time appointments in your early MSP days?

5:55 - Can you recall sales opportunities that went totally wrong?

8:55 - What did the first step look like in your MSP sales process?

11:17 - What sorts of questions did you ask in first meeting?

15:00 - You need to talk to different people to know the full story

15:50 - How did you handle pricing questions?

18:56 - How has the sales process evolved as the industry has evolved?

20:52 - Which stage in your sales process did you iterate the most on?

25:15 - What is Lifecycle Insights?

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