[Coming Soon] Interviews with Closers

I have a confession to make. When our MSP partners ask us how they ought to run a great sales process with new leads, I get a bit nervous.

“Do an assessment right away!”

“Focus on understanding their business first!”

And I’ve come to realize that my short answers just plain suck; simply put, the steps an MSP should take to close new contracts is not our forté yet.

However, my inexperience in closing IT services deals doesn’t mean we can’t help. In fact, it’s our job to find better answers because our MSPs’ satisfaction with Simple Selling’s services depends on this.

MSPs partner with us for one reason only: to increase MRR! Meetings we book for them are not the end game!

So this is why I will be conducting a series of interviews with closers!

Amidst these chaotic times they are closing big dollar contracts with small businesses. This means they are good at differentiating themselves, uncovering pain points and opportunities, overcoming budget constraints, involving stakeholders at the right times and responding well to hard questions.

Would getting tips and tricks from closers be a terrible idea? I think not.

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