David Torres [Closer Interview Series]

The spirit of the Closer Interview Series is to help MSPs run a fantastic sales process with each qualified lead they encounter.

Here we kickoff the series with an interview of David Torres, Sales Manager for HubSpot.

He started as a Business Development Representative, got promoted to Account Executive and then became a Sales Manager for HubSpot's Latin America division. 

A total of nine tips came from the interview and each are time-stamped below.

The next interview will come next week, with Alex Farling from Lifecycle Insights.




1:16 Who's David Torres?

4:56 What is HubSpot?

8:28 Tip #1 | Understanding the constraints of the prospect's business is critical

14:40 Tip #2 | Discovery should be about uncovering pains, not goals

17:49 Tip #3 | Use industry-specific prompts for the prospect to open up

23:00 Tip #4 | Focus on prospects you can really help and who want to change

28:45 Tip #5 | Budget during discovery is crucial

31:28 Tip #6 | Opportunity creation is crucial

34:05 Tip #7 | Demonstrating value is made possible by learning what the prospect cares about

35:58 Tip #8 | Understand which prospects to spend time on

39:03 Tip #9 | Marketing needs to nurture the database

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